1. How will TestJiffy help me?
TestJiffy offers tests on a regular basis. With this, you get good practice and feel of real test patterns and standard. So, you are better prepared for the final competitive test.

2. My home is far away from a city, where no tutorials or help is available. How will TestJiffy be useful?
What any student needs is exposure to quality tests and regular practice. With TestJiffy, you can excel in competitive tests, wherever you are.

3. I am already going to a tutorial. So, why should I take TestJiffy?
TestJiffy gives you opportunity to check the quality of your learning. TestJiffy can throw up unexpected questions that can help you to be better prepared. Student performance analytics also offered.

4. I would like to inform my teachers about TestJiffy. Is it possible to have TestJiffy at my institution?
TestJiffy can be used by all the students in an institution or group. This can supplement the learning in school effectively. Students can answer questions at their homes.

5. How is learning possible in TestJiffy when there are no classroom lectures?
Test Jiffy believes in empowered learning. Our intention is to supplement the learning at school. We will add on to what is taught at school by giving you more exposure to the quality of questions you can expect in a live examination.

In addition, there is no burden of commuting to the tutorial centre or spending early mornings and late evenings at the tutorial centre. Moreover, since all the questions are MCQs, you can spend quality time for learning concepts and solving complex problems.

6. What is the TestJiffy learning method?
DiPraChARM is the unique TestJiffy learning methodology. For details, please click on the link, “Methodology.”

7. Do you offer trial package?
Before you buy the courses at TestJiffy, you get the opportunity to experience 2 free tests. This should give you a good idea of the kind of content and the learning method at TestJiffy.

8. Can I get refund in case I am not satisfied?
If after paying for a program, you wish to seek refund, click on Cancellation Policy link at the bottom of the page for details.

9. App/Website Related Issues:

Please write to us at info@testjiffy.com