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About TestJiffy

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Welcome to TestJiffy, your personalized testing site. We make achievement in competitive tests easy by giving you exposure to the test patterns in a systematic and unhurried manner. Through TestJiffy, learning is fun and more effective.

Go ahead. Explore your world of success, through TestJiffy!

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FAQ's for Students

Each test is now fun. I am doing better in class!

1. How will TestJiffy help me?
TestJiffy offers tests on a regular basis. With this, you get good practice and feel of real test patterns and standard. So, you are better prepared for the final competitive test.

2. My home is far away from a city, where no tutorials or help is available. How will TestJiffy be useful?
What any student needs is exposure to quality tests and regular practice. With TestJiffy, you can excel in competitive tests, wherever you are.

3. I am already going to a tutorial. So, why should I take TestJiffy?
TestJiffy gives you opportunity to check the quality of your learning. TestJiffy can throw up unexpected questions that can help you to be better prepared. Student performance analytics also offered.

4. I would like to inform my teachers about TestJiffy. Is it possible to have TestJiffy at my institution?
TestJiffy can be used by all the students in an institution or group. This can supplement the learning in school effectively. Students can answer questions at their homes.

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With each test, I get added confidence!