CET - Guided Learning

CET stands for Common Admission Test, for admission into engineering colleges in Karnataka, under the government quota. CET is a competitive platform that together with board examination, decides the college and branch of admission.

CET is a strong test of:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Skill to solve complex problems
  • Speed in which most question are answered correctly

TestJiffy Content

TestJiffy helps you prepare for CET in all 3 core subjects, viz., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Our unique learning methodology prepares you to master the subject and get 360 degree skills in problem solving applications.

Personalized Learning

Every student is different. TestJiffy uses the power technology and analytics to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses in learning of core subjects. The app empowers you to choose the order of topics and the schedule you are comfortable with. That is because we know that at +2 stage, there are pressures from your institution regarding the board’s academic requirements.

TestJiffy makes you more responsible for your learning and gives you a cockpit-view of where you are and what you need to do to improve your performance.

What you get with TestJiffy

For each subject, you get:

  • 1500 practice questions/ problems
  • 2000 additional questions/ problems
  • Solutions on video for all the above questions
  • All solutions also available on PDF
  • Mentoring

Weekly live sessions for doubt clarification: Optional at extra cost

How to Start

Stage 1: Registration

1. On Home page, click on Login

2. Select student login and click on new registration at the bottom

3. Student details form opens. Fill the details and “Submit”.

4. Student dashboard opens.

5. Click on “Home” in student dashboard.

Stage 2: Buy Course

1. On Home page, select a course.

2. Click on pricing.

3. Click on “Buy Course.”

4. Read payment details and “Proceed for Payment.”

5. Choose payment option: QR code scan or NEFT transfer.

6. Send screenshot as proof of payment.

7. On payment confirmation, click on your name and start your course.